First Savings Credit Card Member Services

The First Savings Credit Card provided through MasterCard and firstsavingscc makes everyday purchases convenient wherever you shop. Take advantage of all this card has to offer through an easy and convenient online portal with great benefits.

We all strive to be in charge and control of our purchases and the First Savings credit card allows just that. There are no hidden fees and no penalty APR to worry about. If your card is lost or stolen, fraud coverage support is available instantly online or over the phone. Quickly and easily access your online account, keep track of bills, current balance and more.

Did you receive an offer to enroll in this credit card service? You can accept and enroll online to create your account in just minutes using firstsavingscc/accept. What does an online account offer you as a cardmember?

  • Login to Browse Your Account Finances and Summary
  • Receive Text and Email Alerts for Expenditures Both Authorized and Unauthorized
  • Scheduled to Make Automatic Payments -Bill Pay
  • Completely Manage Your Account

Navigate the online activation process by using your reservation number that should have been given to you through your invitation. Check the letter you received along the right-hand side across from your name and address for the reservation number and access code.

Provide a valid email address and then verify it through a link sent for verification purposes. Complete the rest of the acceptance form and read the terms and conditions carefully before accepting the offer to complete the registration process.

As a recap of cardmember services, you can expect cardholder and employee safety, ease of access to account management and high alert fraud protection. Account management is available online 24 hours a day to access your financial information through a computer. Scam and fraud protection are treated very seriously. Confidential information should never be given out, and you should always be aware of fishing attempts from unknown contacts regarding your account. What are some ways that first savings credit card will help protect your account and finances?

Enroll in MasterCard SecureCode

MasterCard offers a free service called secure code that will enhance your first savings bank MasterCard account. This is a private security code that protects you against fraud and unauthorized use of your card when you shop online through participating stores and merchants. This secure code can be likened to a personal identification number that you would use at an ATM machine with a debit card. Simply enter your private secure code during the checkout process to complete each purchase. This secure code is something only the primary cardholder will have, therefore preventing attempts at theft and unauthorized use of your account information.


If your card is lost or stolen, make sure to repeat it immediately by contacting customer service at 888-469-0291.

If you want to dispute a charge log into your account and go to the transaction history tab. Click on the description and select dispute transaction.

If you notice a payment verification service being used during purchases, this is part of the fraud protection program to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of your card or access to your account.

Billpay – Send payments to:
first savings credit card PO Box 2509 Omaha, NE 68103-2509

to change your payment information online, select the payments tab and then make a payment. Enter the desired amount that you wish to pay and select continue. Confirm the payment and select edit option to change your new payment information. This information will then be kept on file for future payments.

If your card is expiring you can use it until the last day of the month that it shows it’s expiring on. A new card will be issued to you typically in the middle of the month.

Stay away from using commonly used passwords to access your account. Common passwords are often easily identified and hacked. A list of commonly used passwords are kept on file and are not allowed to be used. If you have trouble registering your account using one of the saved passwords, please use a more complex and unique password to complete the registration process.

Remember to use safe practices when using your card both in-store and online. Do not give your account information to anyone and change your password often.

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