Majid Al Futtaim Prepaid Cards

Manage a Prepaid Visa MyNet Card online at Internet shopping devices like MyNet are easy to get, with no interest charges, no credit checks, and no bank account required. Get a hassle-free MyNet Visa Prepaid Card from over 100 locations in the UAE and use it to shop online, anytime!

Just visit any location selling the MyNet Card and load it. Anywhere from 10 to 3,500 AED can be loaded onto a single card. Cards do not require activation to be used, but it is mandatory to register them at in order to provide details, such as name and billing address, required by most online markets. Then, simply go online and start shopping! Book tickets, bid in auctions, play games, and more!


MyNet with MAFFinance makes online shopping easy

To set up an account after purchasing a MyNet Card, check the balance and update user information, go to MAF Finance and click “Login” in the upper right-hand corner. Then, click on the “If you are a prepaid card user” link, and enter the number and the default PIN 7562 in the spaces provided. Users will then select a new, unique 4-digit PIN before being asked to re-enter the number and the new PIN in order to access the account. To use a card for payment on most websites, users will need to enter name and address details. Always remember that the address entered in the website must match the address details in the Update Profile section in the MAF Prepaid website.

From the accounts page, users can:

  • Review remaining balance
  • See transaction history
  • Update profile, billing address, and card details


All funds and associated fees are in United Arab Emirates Dirhams, (AED). Transactions in currencies other than AED will be charged a 3.5% conversion fee. Balance inquiries—both online and over the phone—are free to make, as are online purchases over 30 AED. Purchases under 30 AED will be charged a 1.00 AED service fee. For additional information on fees and other limits, please see the Terms and Conditions available on the website.

For questions or concerns about a Prepaid Visa MyNetCard, please call 04 205 4000 for 24/7 assistance from the automated support line. Enter the number to check the balance, the last 3 transactions, and block it in case it is stolen or lost. To speak to a customer service representative, please leave a message and one will call back during business hours. Customer service may also be reached by email at 

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