Myprepaid Card Info

Account access for prepaid cards issued by Young America Corporation is available 24/7 using Young America Corporation issues prepaid cards instead of cash for rebates, loyalty rewards, and other promotions offered through their business partners. Account information will be included in the mail along with the card.

To log in to an account, first visit Then, enter the security numbers before you can access your account. This is a security measure designed to prevent automated programs from accessing the system and causing harm. Afterwards, provide the last four digits of the myprepaid card, the zip code of the account holder or activation code, and the card holder’s last name to access the account. If the information entered is correct, cardholders can access more information about their card through the account member portal.



Once logged in, cardholders can check the balance of their account, review transaction history, and view the card’s expiration date. Funds must be used entirely prior to the expiration date, which is located on the front of the card. Card holders can also find frequently asked questions about Young America Corporation prepaid cards on their account page. Key Feature Summary

  • Check Balance
  • Transaction History
  • Cards Expiration Date
  • FAQ’s
  • Use Anywhere Debit Cards are Accepted

Prepaid cards should be treated like cash, and cannot be used for ATM withdrawals. They are not reloadable or refundable in the event the card is lost or stolen. Cards also come with an expiration date. If funds remain on the card after the expiration date, see the Cardholders Agreement document for details on renewing an account.



For additional information about a Young America Corporation prepaid cards, issued by MetaBank™, Member FDIC, please visit your account online or call the toll-free number located on the back of the card. Operators are available 24-hours. For a detailed explanation of restrictions and fees associated with the card, please see the Cardholders Agreement.

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