Verizon Wireless Prepaid

Sign up for and manage a your mobile phone plan at Available 24/7, it’s the fastest, easiest way to manage a VZWPrepaid wireless service plan online and on the go. Plus, this mobile service gives users access to the hottest smartphones on the market; no settling for old models! offers prepaid plans that are both flexible and affordable, providing all the benefits of the best cellular network without any long-term contracts. There is no activation fee, and no credit check is required to get started. All eligible smartphones are automatically enrolled in the $45 per month plan, but different plans can be selected before check-out. Even though the plans are paid in advance, users can still keep their old phone number when changing devices or plans. Verizon Prepaid is sure to have something for everyone!


Logging in to Your VerizonWirelessPrepaid Account

To sign in, go to click on the “sign-in/register” button in the upper right hand corner. Enter either the user ID number or the mobile phone number of the registered device and click “sign in.” Users will then be prompted to enter the password associated with their vzw prepaid account. Log-in can be expedited by clicking the ” If an account is not already created, one can be made by clicking “register” and following the on-screen directions. In order to complete registration, users must have the mobile device associated with the account nearby and turned on in order to receive a text message with the Registration PIN.

Once created, the My Verizon home page gives users access to other useful hubs such as:

  • Make a Payment: Make a payment or schedule a payment for a future date. Note that future payments can only be scheduled up to 14 days in advance.
  • Documents & Receipts: View important plan documents such as receipts or terms and conditions
  • My Devices: Display contract details, such as contract end date, for any devices associated with the account
  • And more!


For assistance with an account, representatives are available via the Live Chat function on the website. Hours of operation may vary by time zone, but if there are no representatives available, users can always call Customer Service toll-free at 1-800-922-1204 Globally. If calling from a Verizon phone, simply enter *611 to be connected to Customer Service immediately. If suspect activity has occurred on an account, such as unauthorized purchases or changes in service, identity theft may have occurred. Please visit the Fraud Prevention resource page to initiate a claim online.

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